About The Designer

Meet Camille Cesari

I am inspired by the natural world and I love organic designs —  items that are thoughtfully planned but not over-designed. My creative foundation was built by studying art, landscape architecture, and jewelry design, but it is the natural world that remains my favorite classroom.

For several years I studied wax carving. I built the Camille Cesari Collection by carving my designs in hard wax and then casting them using the “lost wax” process. One day I decided to try my hand at soft wax. Unlike hard wax, which requires tools to shape, soft wax is very malleable and can easily be shaped with your fingers. Because this wax is so impressionable, my fingerprint showed up clearly, and I decided to cast it in silver. That casting led to the creation of Loveprint Jewelry in 2004.

Since then I have cast hundreds of fingerprint impressions, creating pendants, key rings, cufflinks, and custom pieces for Loveprint customers. When customers tell me that their husband cried when he received the cufflinks of his children’s impressions, I know my job has been done! I like to refer to Loveprint as your loved one’s personal “fossil.” Just like the fossils I enjoyed searching for as a child, Loveprint is a moment in time captured and forever preserved.  

Love Print Paws!

My friend Tommy Hilfiger and I. He’s a Loveprint Jewelry customer!

Loveprint Impressions